Shrek 2 part 1 full movie english

Shrek 2 part 1 full movie english

They offered to ship the next disc Moon at the same time to compensate because Im on the 1-disc-at-a-time plan. I still never had two discs at Moon took a long time to arrive. The third disc had a barely-visible crack and also some strange scratches. My friend played it on his PS3 and it skipped ahead about 15 minutes at one point. On my HTPC, it locks up on a scene and wont play past it. I called again and wasnt offered any additional compensation. The fourth disc had strange scratches, but no crack. I was finally able to watch it through to the end. I think I ended up with only 1 working Blu-Ray for the whole month Moon. Shame on me for not reseaching this ahead of time. And a big apology to Sony for accusing them of making a subpar blu-ray player. So I just invested in a Vizio 55 LED LCD with wireless Yeah, so I could stream Netflix movies directly into the TV. All works flawlessly. I excitedly signed up for my netlix subscription and of course added the blu-ray option for 2 more. Ive now had 3 out of 5 bad disks. I didnt notice the crack however I didnt know to look until I read this blog. Not sure what Im going to do at this point. I know Ill be looking closely at the next disk to arrive tomorrow. Ill also be writing the CEO of Netflix with a dressing down. I thought I was going crazy and wasting my time talking to Sony trying to trouble shoot this really gauls me when its really Netflix to blame, even if it is the post off machine cracking them. Netflix should have addressed this immediately and redesigned the packaging or came up with new packaging for the Blu-rays. Experiencing the same issues also. Planet 51 was not recognized by the Sony requested another shrek 2 part 1 full movie english deal. decided to get a different i got The Hurt same deal. I am now thinking if to Holy crap, its been THREE YEARS and Netflix still hasnt pulled their heads out of their asses and fixed this? I had this same problem with Hellboy 2, Inglorious Basterds, and Up. These were the first three Blurays I ever recieved from Netflix and none of them would work, nor shrek 2 part 1 full movie english the replacement discs. Bad deal. I had a Samsung Bluray player. I ended up selling it though when I bought a Playstation I havent tried out there Blurays on the PS3 yet, but Im not going to bother with it anymore. DVDs are fine from as irritating as the Bluray fiasco is, I use watch instantly so much that I couldnt cancel my membership. I work at a video rental store so I just rent Blurays from there. However. having said that.

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